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About our soccer academy

Diamante Soccer Academy has been in the works since 2016 but was officially established in 2020. Though starting a business during a pandemic was tough, it was during this time that my wife and I realized there was a need for specific soccer goalkeeper training. There is a lack of support when it comes to the goalkeeper position and the specialization that is necessary to create champion goalkeepers. As I had already been training goalkeepers since 2016, I realized it was time to offer a specialized academy.

We established Diamante Soccer Academy to help young players become knowledgeable about and to train them in the techniques needed for the position. We seek to raise players and coaches to a higher standard through specialized instruction that is tailored to the individual player. We also work with coaches in the area helping club coaches with the understanding of basics for goalkeepers and helping coaches that are looking to specialize in the position. Our goalkeepers and coaches are taught to be the best that they can be through Discipline and Joy.

At Diamante Soccer Academy we develop the player, transform the person, and share the joy of soccer and life. We believe that each player has value and with proper coaching can become players that contend at the highest levels. We believe that the best players are players with character. We believe Integrity, Discipline, and Compassion are the leading factors in becoming great. Finally, we believe that we are to share the joy we have with others, giving of what we possess to those around us so they may experience joy as well.


Diamante Soccer Academy is an organization that seeks to teach players to develop their knowledge and skills in the game of soccer, their discipline and perseverance in the game of life, and their compassion and care for others in life.


Diamante Soccer Academy will be a top-tier goalkeeper and academy that values, trains, and develops individual players to pursue excellence in soccer and in life.


Skills for soccer, Discipline for life, Compassion for others.

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