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Diamante Soccer Academy LLC in Lancaster, and Phoenixville, PA works alongside soccer goalkeepers and field players (youth to semi-pro), clubs, teams, and colleges to train and develop players to perform their best on and off the field.

Current Training Locations: Lancaster, PA | Phoenixville, PA

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New To Diamante?

what we offer

Diamante Soccer/Goalkeeper Academy offers training for Goalkeeper and Field Player in the form of Group Trainings, Summer Soccer Camps, and Private Trainings (upon request). We also hold events such as our annual Lancaster Goalkeeper Wars. Read more about it below.

Goalkeeper and Field Player Soccer Group Trainings are available for ages 8-18 years old. As a year-round training these has become our most popular option for training players. With our coach to student ratio at a 1:6 (for goalkeepers), and 1:12 (for field players) your player will receive the needed attention to push them to the next level. Players will be challenged to work hard, and to strive towards their goals each and every week. Players who commit to our yearly program will be given an individual development plan (IDP) that will give direction for the players to assist in their growth. Sessions will be focused on Diamante Soccer Academy curriculum to train players to be intelligent and skilled players in the game of soccer and life.

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Goalkeeper Training  
Field Player Training

Summer Soccer Camps are a great way to have your player improve through fun technically focused trainings. The field sessions focus on the technical and physical aspects of the game. Our goal with camps is to give players a fun, competitive learning environment that they will keep with them for the rest of their soccer careers. Camps are held on a safe college campus, where they will be introduced to a professional soccer experience. 

Partial Day Camps available for ages 4-11
Full Day Camps available for ages 12-18 

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Goalkeeper Training  
Field Player Training

Goalkeeper and Field Player Private Soccer Training is reserved for individual players who are serious about their career as a soccer player. A higher level of expectation is required from their training during practice and throughout the week. Once you have applied your player will receive and evaluation that consists of a customize individual development plan (IDP). If they are accepted into the program, the IDP will be used to create practice and home work-out goals. In addition, the coach will take time to watch to give 1 game evaluation or video analysis (once every four weeks). The one-on-one session focuses on what you need as a player. You will be trained in the five areas that we believe are a necessity of a great soccer player: technique, tactics, physicality, mentality, and character. This focus will push you to the edge of your limits and give you the tools necessary to succeed both on and off the field.


Private Training is an application process and must be approved in order to be invited into the program.
Private Soccer Goalkeeper and Field player training CURRENTLY ON WAITLIST. Email us at DGKSoccerAcademy@gmail.com to be added to our waiting list. 

Goalkeeper Wars is a 1V1 Goalkeeper vs Goalkeeper competition that consists of two 3min halves. Each player will play at least 4 matches. Three matches in the Group Stage and one match in the Playoffs. Brackets are divided into different age groups and are limited to 24 players.

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Lancaster Goalkeeper Wars

Group Packages (yearly plans)

Dear Diamante Soccer Academy Family, we are happy to introduce our group packages that will allow you to have an automatic paying system and save you money. Signing up for group packages includes all locations and are for field and/or goalkeeper group sessions.

40 Sessions (w/Rollover)

$150 / month
  • Automatic Monthly Renewal
  • Choose from Field and Goalkeeper Training
  • Sessions can be used whenever within the year of purchase
  • Access to Skill Shark and other developmental resources
  • Save 10%

Group Packages FAQ

Q: If there are 52 weeks in a year why would I only have 40 sessions?
A: We have considered your possible vacations, sick weeks, inclement weather or even conflicting team schedules for a season. The 40 sessions give you approximately 9-10 months of training 1 time a week. 

Q: Can we double up sessions in the same week?
A:Yes, you can double or even triple up on certain weeks. This will ensure you are able to use all of your sessions before the end of the year.

Q: Do my trainings rollover?
A: Your sessions will rollover from month to month until either you have reached your limit or in which 12 months have elapsed.

Q: What happens if I my sessions run out before the year is over, but we don’t want to stop training?
A: You can choose to pay individually for trainings or sign on for another 40 sessions. (NOTE: The monthly payments for the first session will still continue until they are paid in full.)

Q: Why 80 sessions for the year?
A: We realize that there are slow times in peoples schedules and busy times. During the busier times we understand that some weeks you cannot bring your player 2 times a week, however, during months where games and trainings slow down you can bring them 2 or even 3 times a week.

Q: What happens if I can’t attend 2 sessions a week? What about vacations?
A: All the sessions rollover for an entire year. This allows for you to use your sessions whenever and however you would like within that year.

Q: If I have multiple children in my household that would like to train could I get the 80 sessions and have them share?
A: YES! We understand that being part of a big family can be hard to help each child get the proper training. Here at DGK we are all about families having the ability to train both children without breaking the bank.

Q: What happens if I can’t use all 80 sessions?
A: All sessions must be used before the end of 12 months. All other sessions will be lost. 

Interested in Partnering with us?

DSA and DGK are NOT soccer clubs, but a soccer academy that seeks to develop passionate and dedicated players. We are seeking partners who are focused on the development of each of their players. Are you hungry to have the best players in the area? Email Josue Bosque at DGKSoccerAcademy@gmail.com 

Official Partners

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West Coast Goalkeeping Logo
Red Rose Soccer Arena
Red Rose Soccer Arena
Power Train
Power Train

Colleges & Universities

Franklin and Marshall College
Franklin & Marshall College Women's Soccer
Lancaster Bible College Men's Soccer
Lancaster Bible College Men's Soccer

High Schools & Clubs

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Lampeter Strasburg Youth Soccer
Lancaster County Christian School
Lancaster County Christian School
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Lititz Youth Soccer Club
Lititz Youth Soccer Club
Manheim Township Rec
Manheim Township Rec
Phoenixville Area Soccer Club