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Are You New to Diamante Soccer Academy?

All new athletes interested in being part of Diamante Soccer Academy must fill out an intake form and sign up for a Free Evaluation. Click the link below to get started.
*Athletes who sign up for camps ONLY or who are 8-11 years old may not be required to get an evaluation.  

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Group Packages (yearly plans)

Save money by joining our small group packages. These plans span over a year and include all locations that we offer training at. These can be used for field player and/or goalkeeper group sessions. Our top plan (80 sessions) can be shared between siblings.

40 Sessions (w/Rollover)

$150 / month
  • Automatic Monthly Renewal for 1 year.
  • Choose from Field and/or Goalkeeper Training.
  • Sessions can be used whenever within the year of purchase.
  • Access to Skill Shark and other developmental resources.
  • Save 10%

Group Packages FAQ

Q: If there are 52 weeks in a year why would I only have 40 sessions?
A: We have considered your possible vacations, sick weeks, or even filled schedules for a season. The 40 sessions give you approximately 9-10 months of training 1 time a week. 

Q: Can we double up sessions in the same week?
A:Yes, you can double or even triple up on certain weeks. This will ensure you are able to use all of your sessions before the end of the year.

Q: Do my trainings rollover?
A: Your sessions will rollover from month to month until either you have reached your limit or in which 12 months have elapsed.

Q: What happens if I my sessions run out before the year is over, but we don’t want to stop training?
A: You can choose to pay individually for trainings or sign on for another 40 sessions. (NOTE: The monthly payments for the first session will still continue until they are paid in full.)

Q: Why 80 sessions for the year?
A: We realize that there are slow times in peoples schedules and busy times. During the busier times we understand that some weeks you cannot bring your player 2 times a week, however, during months where games and trainings slow down you can bring them 2 or even 3 times a week.

Q: What happens if I can’t attend 2 sessions a week? What about vacations?
A: All the sessions rollover for an entire year. This allows for you to use your sessions whenever and however you would like.

Q: If I have multiple children in my household that would like to train could I get the 80 sessions and have them share?
A: YES! We understand that being part of a big family can be hard to help each child get the proper training. Here at DGK we are all about families having the ability train both kids without breaking the bank.

Q: What happens if I can’t use all 80 sessions?
A: All sessions must be used before the end of 12 months. All other sessions will be lost.